Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Quality Expert Makes a Huge Difference

I went to the local bookstore this weekend and picked up the new book by Jose Baez, "Presumed Guilty : Casey Anthony: The inside Story."

Baez mentions in his book on page 370 how much of an impact having a quality digital forensics expert makes on a case.  As an expert, I may be biased toward that opinion as well, but I know that the work that our examiners do on a day to day basis, whether in a criminal defense or civil case, can have a tremendous impact.

But my interest in this book and this particular case go much deeper.  My Father, Larry Daniel, was the digital forensics expert on this case.  I got to see firsthand his experience, knowledge, and unrelenting diligence worked out on this case for over two years.  

Baez mentions my father numerous times throughout the book, and his description of my father is no surprise to me.  On page 370 Baez writes:  
“And I have to say, this is where having a quality expert makes a huge difference.  Larry Daniel was the one who found the discrepancy and he was nothing short of spectacular in his knowledge of what was on the Anthony’s computer.  He knew it ten times better than the state.”  
I have had the privilege of working with my father going on four years now and co-authoring the book “Digital Forensics for Legal Professionals” with him, and I can tell you that what Baez calls spectacular is simply what my father expects of himself, of me, and of all of our examiners for every single case we work on.  For this, I know I owe my Dad, my hero, an incredible debt.   

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