Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony Verdict

Having spent two and a half years as a consulting expert in computer forensics and cell tower forensics on the Casey Anthony defense team, I have to say that Jose Baez was a pleasure to work with and did an herculean job in defending Casey Anthony.  Somehow he managed to juggle thousands of facts, dozens of experts and witnesses while under the intense scrutiny of the media and general public, the majority  of that being negative.  He persevered where many might have fallen away or caved under the intense pressure of such a high profile case.

While many will not agree with the verdict returned today, it is fortunate that public opinion is not the driving force behind the justice system in the United States.  The only opinions that matter are the 12 people sitting in the jury box who get to hear all of the testimony, listen to all of the arguments and review all of the evidence that is presented by both sides.

The rule of law prevailed today and that is gratifying to see, independent of popular or other opinions.

At the end of the day, the jury was not convinced that the state met the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  It is important to remember that to render a verdict in a case like this, all 12 jurors must be unanimous whether the verdict is guilty or not guilty.

While some may believe that vengeance is what is needed, that is not the purpose of our justice system and this case reminds all of us that justice must be blind to any factors or pressure beyond the evidence presented.

It would be a sad day in America if our court system was reduced to meting out vengeance rather than justice, no matter how much we as observers may like or dislike the outcome.

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