Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: Part 2

Given the number of downloads we have had of the images I posted in the post “A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words,” I’d say their popularity exceeded my expectations.

I was organizing my files today and came across some more images I have made for my own presentations and for use in court. I post these images in high quality because I want to share them with the community. So feel free to copy the images and use them.

As always, all I ask is that you do not modify the images and that you leave the Guardian Digital Forensics logo on the slides.

Hope you Enjoy!

Lars Daniel
Digital Forensics Examiner and Forensic Artist
Guardian Digital Forensics

This is an image I created to explain internet caching. The purpose of this image is to show that while you make look at only a portion of a web page, the computer automatically stores more information than you see without the users input.

Internet Caching

I find it easier to explain how a write-blocker works with an image like this than with words alone.

Write Blocker - How it Works

This is an image I use illustrating how data can travel. I could just say that, but I like pretty pictures!

Data Travels

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