Thursday, May 20, 2010

Google is listening....

Google Street View Car in Hunters Point, Long ...Image via Wikipedia
Google is being sued for sniffing wireless packets with their Street View vehicles.

Google Sued for Scooping Up Wi-Fi Data

It's going to be hard to prove that these particular individuals suffered any harm from the inadvertent collection of wireless data packets while the Street View cars were in their neighborhood.

What's really going to be interesting is locating those packets and identifying them as coming from those particular people.  While it can be done, the question will be just how much data has to be sifted through to locate any tracks, if any can be found.

It does make you wonder why the Google engineer was putting sniffing code into their war-driving program to start with.  And what was the purpose of the war-driving by Google?  Is the next feature on Google Maps going to be locations of open wireless networks so you can swipe some bandwidth on the road?  I doubt it, but it does make you wonder what Google is up to.

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