Wednesday, January 20, 2010

There is always someone willing to take advantage of misery.

I received this little email yesterday:
From The Desk Of
Mrs. Maria Auxiliadora Fereira Santos
Haiti Relief Centre

Dear Sir/Madam

It has come to our knowledge on the recent incident that happened in our
country and did claim allot of lives and till date, people are deing by the
minutes and seconds.

However, as the Director General to the Haiti Relief Centre, I deem it fit
solicit for your assistance in putting food on the table

of the living Haiti people and for that reason, we solicit for your
on what you can give to assist the people of Haiti at this point of there
and you are in the position to bring some relief to the needy because allot
children have become orphan because of this natural disaster.

Nevertheless, if you are moved to be of assistance to the people of Haiti
the Haiti Relief Centre, do send in the following information of yours as
as your token which you think you can help to the
following address:

Email Address to contact with the information below: =20

Your Complete Name
Your Complete Address
Your Country of Residence
Your Telephone and Fax Number
The Amount of Money You Can Donate To Help The Needy

I decided not to say much to you because if your look into the CNN daily,
will know what I am talking about and you will surely know that the people
Haiti need your immediate assistance to survive for today and for ever.
this country have lost allot of lives and will need your immediate
not to loose more life because we need money to buy food and medicine for
affected victims and non affected victims. With the recent counts, we =20
have lost
thousands of people and we need your immediate assistance on what you can
donate to save life.

Look into this and I know you will have pity for those in need :

May God be with you and your family as you lend your helping hand to =20
the needy.

Mrs. Maria Auxiliadora Fereira Santos
Director General
Haiti Relief Centre

This message was sent using IMP, the Internet Messaging Program.

The funny thing is, it came from a mail server in Brazil by way of Canada.  Also, the email address you are supposed to send the information to:, is interesting considering that is a parked domain.

So of course, I sent an email with the subject line: I want to donate money.  And in the body of the email, "I want to donate money. Where do I send it?"

With both a delivery and read receipt requested, oddly enough it went off into the ether without anything pinging back.  I am still waiting to see if it actually goes anywhere.

This kind of thing pops up after every disaster.

Haiti Relief Scam: First E-mail Spammers Appear Online

From the article referenced above:

In the first 36 hours after the tragedy, ABC News found that 64 new Web site URLs that seem connected to Haiti Earthquake relief had been registered. ABC News has no idea whether or not any of the following web sites are legitimate or illegitimate, but the list is below:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  

As always, be careful what you respond to when you receive unsolicited emails.

You can get more good information from this article as well:

Helping Haiti: Giving to Charity & Avoiding Scams

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wow, long time no posts!

I have been swamped the last couple of months and have really fallen down on my posting.  The good news is that it is letting up now and I can get back to scouring the 'net for news and worthy topics.

One of the things that has kept me so busy the last couple of months is the launch of our new network forensics product line, NetSentry.

We will be introducing NetSentry at the DOD Cybercrime conference later this month.  I will also be speaking at the conference on Thursday of that week on the topic, "Challening the Law Enforcement Examiner, What a Defense Expert Sees."

I am very excited about launching NetSentry.  It is an easy to use packet capturing and reconstruction product that features the ability to capture and reconstruct in near real time as well as playback of standard PCAP files.

With the ability to reconstruct 25 protocols, alert on sensitive file movement, and reconstruction of any type of attachment or file, NetSentry is a product I feel will revolutionize internet predator investigations, end point security for data loss protection and CALEA compliance.

Network packet forensics is just now entering the phase where it is usable by non-technical  investigators.  NetSentry was designed to be a tool not only for network data movement visibility, but for everyday use by investigators and network security people.  With an interface that is easy to use and navigate, non-technical managers can benefit from the product as well.

With the ability to tag sensitive files, NetSentry can alert you when anyone attempts to send those files out of the network.

If you happen to be at the DOD conference stop by our booth and say hello.  You just might win a free copy of Drive Prophet while you are there.

Cheers and happy new year to everyone.