Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Twist On An Old Scam

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I received an email the other day from the US Marines (supposedly).

"Dear Friend,
Please take some time off your busy schedule to read and respond to this email as soon as possible. I am a US MARINE serving in Iraq (Mosul) and require your help to take care of some personal financial matters for me and of course you will be adequately compensated with sum of three million dollars (USD) as your share for rendering this assistance.
You will have to give me some assurances that you will keep my identity and other information's regarding this project to yourself and will also try to adhere to the terms we will agree on, especially the safety of the part of resources that I will call my share, after you have taken the figures we will agree on as your share and how to preserve that belonging for me until I complete my service here.
I will send you more details when I have a mail from you.
Sgt. Andrews Veach.

Sounds a lot like the old "I have millions of dollars I need to get out of the country" scam I have seen for years where you have a prince or a high ranking official, etc that needs for you to help them by accepting money on their behalf. Of course you would get a lot of money for providing the service. All you have to do is give them your bank account or other personal information.

In this case, outside of the obvious similar wording in the email, the fact that it came through a Japanese mail server is a dead giveaway.


Notice that it is signed Sgt. Andrews Veach. Odd first name since it is plural. However, if you look in the header information, the reply address is: Reply-To:

Apparently the idea is to make this one sound legitimate by saying it is from a US Marine serving in Iraq. I hope that no one takes this seriously.

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