Friday, June 12, 2009

SANS What Works Summit in Forensics and Incident Response

If you have not registered for the upcoming SANS summit,  I encourage you to do so.  It is going to be very informative and fun. (Well, fun in a super geeky sort of way.)
I will be on the panel: Forensic Challenges from the Court Room.
The question I will be tackling is: 
If you were working the defense on a case, what would your basic strategy be to create doubt in the plaintiff's digital evidence?
Considering that I can talk about that subject for hours, condensing the answer down to three slides was a challenge.
Honestly, I am looking forward to hearing what my co-panelists have to say.  These are some really smart people:
Craig Ball — Attorney and Computer Forensic Expert
Gary Kessler — Associate Professor of Computer & Digital Forensics and director of the M.S. in Digital Investigation Management, Champlain College;
Dave Kleiman — Computer Forensic, E-Discovery, and Litigation Expert
Bret Padres — Director, Digital Forensic Laboratory, Stroz Friedberg
Dr. Doug White — Director, FANS laboratory at Roger Williams University; President of Secure Technology, LLC.; ISFCE Representative
 I am also looking forward to hearing from folks like Harlan Carvey, Mark McKinnon, Ovie Carroll, Jesse Kornblum and a bunch of others that Rob Lee has managed to snag for the conference.
I hope to see you there.

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