Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Please enter your username and password

From time to time, people will forward an email to me asking me if it is legitimate. I received one this morning from a client of mine. As usual, it posed a very legitimate sounding premise, in this case, regarding a webmail account being over limit. It went on to give a web address where the user could go to resolve the "issue" by entering their username and password.

Computer password screen

If you have an account with an online service, bank or other company, they will never send you an email asking for your login information. They already have it.

As these phishing scams continue to get ever more sophisticated, it is easy to fall into the trap of good wording or high quality web site spoofing. Please remember that your bank, your credit card companies, or any other on-line service you use does not need for you to tell them anything about your account. They already have it.

As always, use caution when using the internet.

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