Sunday, June 7, 2009

Digital Forensics Awards at Forensic4Cast

Lee Whitfield over at Forensic4Cast  has put together an awards program for digital forensics.  They are accepting nominations from now until June 21st.

The categories are:

  • Outstanding Contribution to Digital Forensics (Individual)
  • Outstanding Contribution to Digital Forensics (Company)
  • Best Digital Forensic Article/Blog Posting
  • Best Digital Forensic Blog
  • Best Digital Forensic Book
  • Best Computer Forensic Hardware Tool
  • Best Computer Forensic Software Tool
  • Best Phone Forensic Hardware Tool
  • Best Phone Forensic Software Tool
  • Digital Forensic Examiner of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • The Huh? Award (chosen by Simon)
All but the ‘Huh?’ award are open for nominations and voting.

Visit the site for the full rules and explanation.

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