Tuesday, March 3, 2009

There's a New Certification in Town - DFCB Certifcation

There is a lot of buzz about the new certification from the Digital Forensics Certification Board.

I read through all of the documents on the site, and all the meeting minutes, etc.

Then I ran through the Founders Assessment Form where you put in your experience, education, training, certifications and other stuff.

It is interesting that they require five years of experience, but you can only score 40 points in the experience section.

I decided to see if the form was set up like I thought it was. Here is what you need to break the magic 100 number to be a founder:

4 Years Experience (But you can't just use 4 years of full time experience, you have to pick a mix apparently. Looks like a flaw in the form to me.

Experience Section 40 points
A Bachelor's Degree 10 points
3 Certifications 15 points (They don't have to be in forensics. )
360 hours of training 40 points

Total Points 105

While you can get some points for testimony, depositions or writing a book (10 points for a book. Seems a little low to me since it takes about a year to write one.)

Many examiners will go for years and not testify, so I left those points on the table.

I picked what I thought might be the most common attributes of people to get to the 105 points.

So just for fun, I put up a poll on the right side of the blog. It would be interesting to see how many people hit the magic number and how people scored on the assessment.

If you need to fill out the assessment form to score your self, it is here.


Oh and the fee is 300.00 if you ACT NOW!

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