Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dumb legislation - Bill would require apologies for slanderous web posts

Just what we need in uncertain economic times; Legislators wasting time and effort on what I think is a dumb idea.

Bill would require apologies...

Not only it is a monumental waste of time, but trying to find an anonymous poster would require a subpoena to the web hosting company, then to the ISP, etc. etc.

Not that I want to cut any of my lawyer friends out of potential business, but once all this is done, what is there to gain?

Oh gee, I'm sorry...

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  1. Yet another case of good intentions, bad execution. I can understand the point when it comes to sites like JuicyCampus. But this is much too generalized, flying in the face of the concept of free speech... which is people holding one another accountable, one of the most powerful methods for it in fact.


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