Saturday, January 31, 2009

Talk Forensics - My New Radio Show

I am launching an internet based radio show, "Talk Forensics."  Each show will feature an expert in one of the many fields of forensics.  Listeners will be able to ask questions of the guest expert either by calling in to the show or by using the chat box at the show web page.

I will also have as guests, members of law enforcement and attorneys.

To listen to the show, you will need to go to Blog Talk Radio and register as a user.  Then you can listen to any of the hundreds of radio shows available, including mine.

To get to my show, you will go to Talk Forensics Radio  .  That will take you directly to my show page.

The show airs each Sunday afternoon at 4PM Eastern time.

Some of my upcoming guests are:

Dr. Michael Baden of the HBO series Autopsy.  Dr. Baden is probably the most well known forensic pathologist in the country.

Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky, of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  Dr. Kobilinsky has appeared many times on the Nancy Grace show and the Discovery Channel.

Mickey Sherman, author of "How can you defend those people?."  Mickey was recently on the Dr. Phil show and appears often on Fox News and CNN.

Dr. Nathan Strahl, MD and Forensic Psychiatrist and author of books on forensic psychiatry.

Mike Craig, an expert in the training and handling of cadaver dogs and rescue dogs.  Mike trains and donates dogs to law enforcement agencies all over the US.

Hunter, "Gator" Glass, a well known gang expert who has appeared on Nancy Grace, the History Channel and has consulted for the military and law enforcement on gangs.  Hunter is also a forensic artist and received training at the FBI academy's forensic art school.

Ben Levitan, a communications expert who holds patents in wireless communications and worked on the committee to write the standards for cell phones and wiretapping.  Ben has appeared on Nancy Grace as an expert and also on other television and radio shows.

Monty Clark, President of the NC Association of Private Investigators.  With over thirty years of experience in private investigations, Monty is a wealth of knowledge about this field.

Those are just some of the guests I have lined up with more to come.

I will be airing a pre-launch show tomorrow at 4PM.  I will not have a guest, but you are welcome to join in and help me to iron out any bugs prior to our official launch next week.

Since I will not have a guest, I will be taking questions in my specialty, computer forensics.

Got a question you want addressed on the show?  Send it to me and I will make sure it gets asked, even if you can't tune in live.  Then you can hear the answer later via the podcast.

Talk to you then!

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