Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cell Phone Features I Would Like To See

I want my cell phone to have a GPS unit that automatically allows me to call nearby businesses when I search for a particular kind of business.  So, I should be able to look up a category, have the phone find the nearby businesses and then when I select one, I should have the option to call that business.  Wouldn't that be handy?

I want my cell phone to be hooked into the latest phone book for whatever location I am in so I can look up a business by name and location and call that business.  Without having to go through my browser or call 411.

I want an emergency button on my phone that I can press that will automatically call police and give my name and location.  And I want it to ping them until they find me, even if I am moving. (i.e. kidnapped)

I want cell phones to have a universal language, like the old Hayes Command Set that will let me talk to any phone using the same commands.  (Yes, I want my forensics to get easier without having to buy so many expensive products.)

Those are features I would like to see in my cell phone.  I bet you have a few too.

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