Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ok, this is getting crazy.

I just saw this article from Australia about some guy that got arrested for child porn for taking pictures of toddlers swimming around in a public pool.


A quote from the article, ""That's the evidence, taking pictures of children in partial undress."

Now, I grant you that this guy was probably pretty creepy. But so far at least, being creepy isn't illegal yet.

What's next? Getting arrested for looking at kids in a public place?


  1. That is from Australia not the UK... but your point is still valid.

  2. Here is a good link re: taking photos in Australia.
    The 'intent' and 'purpose' are the main concern. The legislators are (perhaps naively) trying to protect children and reduce child pornography by introducing new laws and regulations.
    The impact on the industry (child porn) is minimal. Instead more and more parents are get upset by not being able to photograph their beloved children at sporting etc. events. Some “smart” event organisers are using such laws to introduce additional fees (usually $30 -$50) for taking photographs at the event by these parents. I haven’t heard of any extra funding allocated to combat the problem of child pornography, but many laws are considered or attempted to be introduced instead.

  3. as a mother, anyone I don't know taking pictures of my child at a pool is going to get my attention, fast. whether or not it can be proved their intent is child pornography, I'm going to tell them they do not have my permission to photograph my child. pedophiles do use these opportunities to provide themselves, and their sick colleagues, with photographs to be used for pornography.

  4. They might just be taking a picture of their child and your's just happens to be near by.

    Simply asking someone what they are doing should be enough. Arresting them is a bit much for simply taking pictures in a public place.

    Intent is the issue and unless you happen to be a mind reader, you cannot know someone's intent for doing something.

    While I am 100% for protecting children against any kind of foul play, sadly, getting tough on child porn and internet predators has a lot of political currency, where doing the fundamental things like supervising parolees does not.


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