Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hats off to the Fair Trial Initiative and remembering an old friend.

I was surfing around and decided to visit the web site for the Fair Trial Initiative. This is a great service to people accused of capital offenses and the attorneys who represent them. I had the pleasure to work with two of the fellows on the NC vs. Mark A. Bowling case. They are very dedicated lawyers who made a difference for the defense team. I applaud this program and these young attorneys who serve.

I look forward to working with more of these dedicated young lawyers on current and future capital cases where I am part of the defense team.

I did not realize that this program honors capital defenders with the J. Kirk Osborne award or that these lawyers were Osborne Fellows.

I had the pleasure not only to work on two capital cases with Kirk Osborne, (NC vs. Michelle Theer and NC vs. Jerry Lynn Stuart), but also the honor of naming this man as a friend.

Sadly, Kirk passed away suddenly during the period he was working on the Duke Lacrosse case. Like everyone who knew him, I was shocked and saddened at his passing.

Kirk Osborne was one of the most dedicated and skilled attorneys I have had the pleasure to get to know and the honor to work with over the years that I have assisted with capital defense cases.

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